"You can't do that."

It felt like a punch in my stomach.

The second most depressing speech ending I’ve ever heard from a boss.

As a small business owner, I'm still an employee. Yet the boss is this queer mortal staring at me from my mirror.

Even worst.

This boss spits the same line at me at times and it’s not even the top of the insults.

While I'm busy keeping my new 'boss' happy, the new boss is away and is not watching over my shoulder. No, he’s not having fun in the titties bar neither. Yet spirited away.

Remember the last time you woke up and pondered:

"How could I get a few more customers without working my ass of posting on social media, or redesigning my website, or give in to that online marketing guru bombarding me with his emails?"

Then tell me what steps you took after your first cuppa coffee.

If marketing and selling better and smarter wasn't on your list. That's a fault. But you know what kills your business. If they were on your list and you didn't act.

If you're eager to do more for your business and you're a recommended, leading wedding supplier, ask an invitation for the early access survey and let's revolt together.

Let's make a better experience for the bride and groom on their big day. While making more money too.

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